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Doreen Di Fiore

Founder / Owner

I have been a dog lover for as long as I can remember but it wasn’t until I adopted a gorgeous corgi named Gio that I became truly educated in what dogs need to be happy and healthy. Gio was born in a puppy mill and remained there as a stud until he was rescued when he was almost five years old. Because he lived the first years of his life under such stress he had a compromised immune system including GI issues which were especially challenging. I was desperate to help my sweet boy. I threw myself into learning as much as I could in order to care for him. I was determined to help him live a happy and healthy life.

At the time I adopted Gio I was working as a health sciences researcher which proved to be a blessing—I knew how to find the information and the best resources I needed to help him. Until Gio, I knew very little about puppy mills so I quickly learned as much as possible. I got involved as a volunteer in rescue and advocacy for puppy mill dogs.
Gio’s health issues were definitely challenging for me as a dog parent, but I have had experience with many conditions over the years with my dogs: diabetes, degenerative myelopathy, pancreatitis, allergies, renal failure, corneal ulcer, lymphoma. Each time, I learned as much as I possibly could about the issue and did everything in my power to help my dog live their best life. And through it all I learned something that is just as important: how to advocate for my dogs and how to find the very best people to help me help them.

As a psychologist I am well aware of how people benefit from having dogs in their lives. But as a major dog lover I am much more interested in the benefits dogs receive—how do we best care for them, what is necessary for them to live happy healthy lives. I would love to help you take the very best care of your dogs and I hope you get to know me as a trusted resource for doing just that. Please bring your dogs in for a visit! I think they are gonna like it here!

Peter Dante

AKA Sweet Pete, Silly Pete

Pete was picked up as a stray in southern Ohio.  He is eight years old and has been with me for almost five years now.  Pete is really easy-going, a great Big Brother who tolerates a whole lotta crazy.  He loves doing “silly across the floor”—his version of a bunker crawl—which is how he starts each day.  He loves playing with toys, lives for mealtimes and is addicted to bully sticks. One of his most favorite past-times is people-watching: he hangs out in the yard watching the neighbors and often stops while we are out walking to watch people’s activities.  Pete is as loving as he is lovable.



AKA Buttons, Dramatical Ben, Chachi

Benjamin was picked up as a stray in rural Kentucky. He is five and a half years old and has been with me for almost four years. Benjamin is a “failed foster”—I was fostering him until the rescue could find him a home but when the time came I could not give him up. Ben loves people, always preferring to be on someone’s lap. Benjamin has taught his brothers the joy of digging and loves lying in the sun wearing his Doggles to protect his light blue eyes. The highlight of his day is going for a walk. Ben is definitely “dramatical”: he is extremely vocal with a wide repertoire of sounds and many different facial expressions. He is a funny little guy.



AKA Boss Baby, Snick Snack, Neekie, Peanut

Nico was picked up as a stray in southern Ohio. He is almost four years old and has been with me for close to three years now. Nico spends his day looking for action. It is rare to see him walking as he usually trots or runs. When not in motion, he is usually in a play bow, always looking for someone (human or canine) to play with him. He loves doing zoomies, chasing squirrels and during downtime watches tv. When he cannot get his brother Pete to wrestle with him he is content with throwing his toys around, entertaining himself. Nico is extremely curious, highly energetic and is quite comical to watch. He still has LOTS of puppy energy.


We treat all dogs the the same – with Love, Respect and Deep Care.  Why?  Because dogs give us so much love, it’s only right for us to give it back to them!

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