Our Mission

Happy Healthy Dogs!

As dog parents that’s what we want and we are responsible for providing them with everything they need to live happy healthy lives.

At Happy Healthy Dogs! we believe that ALL dogs deserve to be as happy and healthy as possible. And quality nutrition is where it starts—it’s as essential to their lives as feeling loved and safe. We believe that ALL dogs deserve the best quality of life possible. We believe in total wellness: nourishing their bodies with essential nutrients, keeping them active physically and mentally, and providing them with a home and family where they feel loved and secure.

Our goal is to be a trusted resource for dog parents. We want you to have peace of mind—knowing you can trust what’s here because we’ve done all the research for you. We take our responsibility very seriously: we research thoroughly every product offered in our shop. You can be assured in knowing that every item here is a healthy choice for your dogs because everything here is approved for my own dogs. Consider us as partners in providing your dogs with the best quality of life possible.

And along with our commitment to helping our customers’ dogs be as happy and healthy as possible, we are just as committed to doing as much as we can to help dogs who are in need of a loving family by supporting local shelters and rescue organizations. We take this commitment very seriously. We do this by holding regular adoption events in our shop, through our Happy Helpers program, and by educating our community about issues related to homeless dogs.